Railroad Gate IBL

After a long time a new post regarding some 3D computer graphics work.
This is a simple rendering of a Hyundai i30 waiting at a closed railraod gate in Frankfurt (near Frankfurt’s Klassikstadt). The full spherical HDRI panorama was shot already two years ago during 2018 e.media Summer School. The image is stiched using 8 bracketing series with 7 exposure steps each. Not an easy task shooting a panorama with tripod blocking the car traffic right in front of a railraod gate with a lot of annoyed car drivers not willing to stop 5 meters ealier, even if the gate is closed anyway.

Bracketing series for IBL creation

Shooting the backplate needed some patience to capture a passing train in the picture just in the right moment with correct camera settings for an exact motion blur.

Some backplates with passing trains

Focus for this project were precise and realistic looking materials in Solidangle’s Arnold renderer with a lot of displacement mapping and use of many different surface imperfection textures, even if not obviously visible in the final rendering.

Displacement mapping on tires

The original model of the Hyundai i30 car consists of approx. 550k faces with 20 shading materials.

Screenshot of the Hyundai car model in Maya 2019

Here an interactive view on a tonemapped version of the panorama using the Pannellum viewer:

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